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Denominazione di Origine Controllata

The wine you are tasting is the result of winemaker Stefano Posenato’s authentic passion.
This wine is the result of a “double reasoned ripening” of the vine Garganega, hand-picked at the half of November in Monteforte D’alpone (leaf 6 map 170 and 184) in the historic heart of the production of Soave Classico.
The volcanic origin of this soil makes this wine complex and palatable.

Grapes: 100% Garganega
Grapes Ripening: Drying on fruit-drying racks
Ground: Basaltic of volcanic origin
Position: South/South-East
Maturation: 5 months in barrel, 7 months in the bottle
Alc. Gradation: 13% vol.
Temp. of tasting: 11 – 12 °C.
Total Acidity: 5,5